2016 was a doozie, wasn't it? I got a lot out of it but it also got a lot out of me. We got to play some amazing line ups (including the residency throughout October at the Yarra), I recorded my first cover (Kid Cudi's Day N' Nite - listen here), recorded an album for our other project Heat Wave (coming out this year - you can hear the first single Dead End Town here), and had a bit of a break from doing Astral Skulls full time.

2017 is another story. I've got about 30 new songs started from the time since contact:light came out, and I can't wait to finish some of them. I've started writing more and more, which is awesome as I get to just choose the best ones for whatever I do next. I'm planning on releasing another album this year - possibly two - and am really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

We've got a couple of shows booked, first up is at Northcote Social Club Monday January 16 with Teeth and Tongue and Jade imagine. Come along!



Astral Skulls

Murray Rd, Preston, VIC, Australia

Since beginning Astral Skulls in April 2014, Kurt Eckardt has refined his own brand of jagged symphonies which swing back and forth across the pop-spectrum, stopping in at punk, electro and new wave. Marching beats and pulsing bass lines drive listeners through stories of everything from suburbia, to outer space, to suburbia.