7" out now / STOCKISTS

My debut release, the double a-side 7" single Sexism Sux / Bite My Tongue, is OUT NOW through my shop page, BandCamp and through Psychic Hysteria Recordings.

You can also support your local record store by heading in and picking one up! So far, they are available at:

MELB: PolyesterGoldmine (Nicholson Street), Missing Link/Collector's Corner.

SYD: Repressed Records.

HOBART: Tommy Gun.

BRIS: FROM FRIDAY10/7 - Rockinghorse Records

With more to come. If you'd like to stock Psychic Hysteria Recordings releases in your physical or online store, please contact me: contact@astralskulls.com.

Astral Skulls

Murray Rd, Preston, VIC, Australia

Since beginning Astral Skulls in April 2014, Kurt Eckardt has refined his own brand of jagged symphonies which swing back and forth across the pop-spectrum, stopping in at punk, electro and new wave. Marching beats and pulsing bass lines drive listeners through stories of everything from suburbia, to outer space, to suburbia.