Please do not watch this video if you have a sensitivity to flashing lights.

Astral Skulls has sampled parts of his favourite song from Scattered Order's latest album to create this dense goth anthem. Download it for free at

Catch Astral Skulls and Scattered Order live in Sydney Saturday September 16 at 107 Projects.

The original version of Them Bones and the album A suitcase full of snowglobes can be found here:

Music written and recorded by Astral Skulls and Scattered Order
Mixed by Kurt Eckardt
Mastered by Paul Maybury
Video by Kurt Eckardt and Kalindy Williams

WHAT WE LOST 09/05/17

What We Lost is the first single off Astral Skulls' sophomore album Believe Me It's Here.

Download What We Lost from

Music and Video: Astral Skulls with thanks to Ema Dunstan, Jonnine Nokes, Lewis MacMaster, Mara Williams, Lucas George, Alex Midgley, Triana Hernandez, Jay Kemeys Williams,Gil Matthews, Kristine Philipp, Aleisha Hall and Liam Matthews.
Music mixed and mastered by: Mikey Young


The Other Side - the third single off Astral Skulls' debut album, contact:light.

Download The Other Side for free for a limited time from

Music and Video: Astral Skulls
Music mixed by: Jonathan Snipes
Music Mastered by: Thomas Dimuzio

This clip was made by editing together real footage taken on a number of Apollo missions on 16mm film. The original material is owned the US Department of Defence, is in the Public Domain and is free to view and to use - I highly recommend checking out all of the NASA stuff it's incredible, copy and paste this link for the Apollo stuff:

CONTACT 08/12/15

Contact - the second single off Astral Skulls' debut album, contact:light.

Video: Daz Chandler. Mixed: Jonathan Snipes. Mastered: Thomas Dimuzio.

VOICES 15/09/15

Voices - the first single of Astral Skulls' debut album, Contact:Light (out October 31).

Video: Kalindy Anne Williams. Actor: Lewis Macmaster. Mixed: Jonathan Snipes. Mastered: Thomas Dimuzio.

BITE MY TONGUE 06/08/2015

Bite My Tongue, off the double A-side 7" Sexism Sux / Bite My Tongue.

Video: Kalindy Anne Williams. Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young. Available on 7" and digitally here.

IMPRESTON - 08/03/15

An ode to my suburb, and inspired by Courtney Barnett's song Depreston, Impreston was written and recorded over the weekend of March 7/8, 2015, and all footage was shot on Saturday March 7, 2015 in Preston, VIC, Australia.

Video: Kalindy Anne Williams.

IN THE SKY - 18/12/14

The original version of In The Sky, which will also be released on my debut album contact:light in October 2015. Download the Double A-Side single In The Sky / This Party Bites for free from or

Video: Astral Skulls. Thanks so much to Chloe Slarks, Hon Boey, Grace Anderson, Marcus Whale and Kalindy Anne Williams for contributing to this video clip.


Out of the Suburbs is available for free download from This clip was made over a long weekend in April, 2014, shot in the suburbs south of Brisbane, Australia.

Video: Astral Skulls and Kalindy Anne Williams.


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